All “The Goods” on Stand Up Comedian Greg Studley.

Stand up comedian Greg Studley was born in 1975. I know. You’re thinking, sheesh, this is gonna be a long one. It won’t. Here’s the elevator version.

Oh yeah, birth. It was a C-Section, so it was a womb with a view. Just kidding, it was regular, inflict-pain-on-your-mom birth. Afterward, as for most, things bumbled along for a while. Growth, pain, puberty, sex. Typical human shit.

Greg learned to sing and formed a band. Then he went to Emerson College where he interned for Howard Stern and learned how to write amazing movie scripts. Not one to wait on the sidelines, stand-up comedian Greg Studley boldly began moving in the direction of his dreams.

He moved to LA, wrote on the film The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down, wrote for Studley, Peek & Moore, Velcro Troupe, and several other ventures, including many YouTube shenanigans.

Stand Up Comedian, Author, and Podcast Star Greg Studley
Stand Up Comedian, Author, and Podcast Star Greg Studley

Greg then landed a literary manager and agent and went on to perform standup comedy at The Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv.

In July of 2012 he settled in Aspen, swearing off showbiz for good. Needing life to be a little less stimulating, he relocated to Denver in 2015.

Greg then went on to author the book, This Comic Kills: Confessions of a Hack Comedian, produces The Loco Locals Comedy Extravaganza stand up show, hosts the weekly Smarty Party live bar trivia game, and currently writes and records the popular podcast Behind Bars: Cocked Tales and Wasted Nights.

Through hard work and dedication over the years, lightning rod and stand-up comedian, author, and podcast star Greg Studley exemplifies remarkable talent readers will want to keep an eye on.

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